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Signal Provider

Dear Signal Provider, we urge you to read and reread everything so we can make a successful partnership.

Do you have a winning strategy? Sell signals on Robocopy-FX.

Provider opens an order in MetaTrader 4 this order is executed in the MetaTrader of the client and can send alerts and warnings by e-mail or SMS to all its clients.
Note: sending SMS has cost to part, sending emails and free we recommend using GMAIL followers and providers.

  • The follower and provider are free to choose hosting, Followers and signal providers can accept our hosting on our dedicated server. Or use your server, more details below.
Let's make a sales page for the signal provider as in this example.
We can list the provider signal on the Robocopy-FX platform optional choice of signal provider.
The signal provider has the option of leaving the page public or private with a password. See an example of a page with password, access and enter this password (Robocopy-FX)
The signal provider has the option of uploading this PDF, which has a link with subscribers to your facebook group, WhatsApp ... In this way, the signal provider keeps your audience more interactive.
  • The signal provider can send us the affiliate link from his broker that we put on the sales page so that the follower has the option to open an account at the brokerage indicated by the signal provider, the signal provider usually knows where his strategy works best.
  • The signal provider has the option of sending a link from their social networks, which we will put on the provider's sales page, signal providers can use their social networks to talk to their followers and do the marketing.
  • The signal provider shall indicate on form four recurring subscription options one month, three months, six months and 12 months not less than the minimum value indicated below.
  • The customer can cancel the subscription up to five days before the invoice expires so as not to be charged the next invoice. The signal remains connected until the next invoice date.
  • The customer has 30 days to request a refund. The customer can not repeat the refund for the same signal.
  • Followers like to have a trial period; the provider has the option to grant that period for $ 14.00 yes or no.
The signal provider can choose our hosting in the dedicated server, we charge R $ 25,00 for installation (this charge is made only after the first signature so that the provider has no initial cost), the provider can choose to use its server, and you do not need to pay the $ 25.00 fee.(single payment)

How do providers send signals to their customers using Robocopy-FX?

  • The signal provider opens an order, and this order is automatically copied to the follower MetaTrader 4.
  • The signal provider opens an order, and this order is sent as an alert on the client's MetaTrader screen, it is also possible to send as SMS and in the follower's email.
How much the signal provider wins and Robocopy-FX.
  • The signal provider receives by Paypal or Neteller if the signal follower has paid the subscription with the Neteller the provider receives with Neteller if the signal follower has paid with Paypal the signal provider receives with Paypal.
  • Robocopy FX 30% is the commission on the total value of the subscription, with 30% we pay all costs and the signal provider receives 70% net in their Paypal or Neteller account.
  • Note: If the provider sends notifications by SMS the provider's profit reduces from 70% to 52%
  • Payment is made up to two business days after the payment of the invoice by the signal follower. Note respecting the 30 days that the customer is entitled to a refund.

Note: If the provider sends notifications by SMS the provider's profit reduces from 70% to 52%​

Note: Sending SMS alert will depend on the provider's strategy. Each provider will advise the sending of signals, automatic copying, or alerts.

What is the subscription value? The provider is free to charge respecting the minimum subscription value.
  • Followers like to have a trial period; the provider has the option to grant that period for $ 14.00 yes or no.
  • Minimum monthly subscription for $ 47.00
  • Minimum subscription every 3 months $ 134.00
  • Minimum subscription every 6 months $ 247.00
  • Minimum subscription every 12 months US $ 447.00
  • How much can I win? Selling signals on Robocopy-fx
  • The signal provider is free to charge the price of your signal respecting the minimum value.
  • Here are 2 examples: 10 subscribers x $ 56.00 x10 = $ 560.00 - 30% commission = $ 392.00 monthly for 10 subscribers. 75 subscribers x $ 99.00x $ 7.425,00 - 30% commission = $ 5,197.50 per 75 subscribers per month
To provide signals on Robocopy-FX website, the signal provider must meet the following requirements.
  • Account verified in Myfxbook or FXBlue to copy the link and spread it on your sales page (if the option is private page, you do not need to provide the history of your account), after connection never change the investor passwords and master password, if you need to change the password to double check in Myfxbook do this before answering the form below.
  • A description of your strategy (the more detailed, the better), after all the followers, will have real money working.
  • Recommend a minimum amount needed to follow your strategy.

Important! Sometimes the strategy has BUY and SELL positions open at the same time to the same pair (hedge). In FIFO accounts, the commercial copier will automatically ignore hedge operations without errors. Therefore, it is very important to describe in your strategy if you will have at some point BUY and SELL at the same time.

It will be essential that you describe your strategy in a clear and objective way for your customers; after all, they will invest real money trusting you.

We also accept neteller send payment to

Note only pay the installation fee, when a follower signs your signal and if you are going to use our dedicated server to host your MetaTrader 4 platform.

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